In my Blog of 4/25, we talked about people we elect to make laws to protect and take care of us. What we saw, was Senators in California with financial ties to a very big drug manufacturer.  The following is quoted from the article;

“the bill’s author Richard Pan had financial ties to GlaxoSmithKline and Merck” http://crystalkidsradio.com/breaking-news/californias-sb277-mandatory-vaccination-bill-passes-senate-committee-after-votes-rigged-public-testimony-silenced/

The matter of vaccinations is no small matter. To be very clear, I am not advocating either for or against – just attempting to help each one of us get to a more informative place. Each one of us must make our own decision. The best decision we will make, however, needs to be based on the entire story. By that I mean, all the facts, TRUE stories, the history behind it all and if any politician has interest in it, or personal financial gains in it for them.

Isn’t it absolutely foolish of me to think that a person runs for public office having greedy financial intentions for themselves? Didn’t they run for their office because of their good intentions to do well for the rest of us? Gee, Harris, why am I so cynical?  After all, corporations are people I heard. So strange, because if that’s the case, why don’t so many of the big ones pay taxes like you and I do? Or jail their CEO’s when they break laws, like you and I would? – But that’s a whole other story.

Maybe I’m cynical because of a certain type of articles that keep popping up. The ‘type’ of article I’m referring to is an article that has nothing in it for the writer. There are no personal gains, tied to it. This makes the writer, in my humble opinion, without any outside influences, to be ‘more’ honest. Wow – I just said ‘more’ honest. That is a quantum leap, because it assumes that politicians with financial ties to corporations are honest.

Check out the following articles. They may possibly open your eyes and mind that not everything our political leaders and those forms of Media (most of which are owned by just a few wealthy ones), is necessarily truthful, homes or correct. You owe it to yourself, your families’ and children to be well informed before arriving at a life decision. Read and become knowledgeable.

Vaccination and homeopathy: http://davidpratt.info/vaccin.htm

Merck’s “Mandatory Vaccine” Program Backfiring Nationwide… California, However, is, As Yet, Screwed Up…  http://www.bolenreport.com/autism/antivaccine%20yes8.htm


People have taken the time to research and investigate today’s situation having to do with vaccinations. DO NOT be led around by your nose, by corporations and greedy people who have gotten into a political office, for what appears to be their own self-interest. If you, yourself don’t start looking out for you and your family, who is going to do that?

I wrote the book “It’s My Money & I Want It!” for a very specific reason – To teach people how to stand up for themselves and not be intimidated. The more you read, investigate, research and seek the truth, the sooner you will be making better decisions for you and your family.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant
www.HarrisHelps.org “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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