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Once again, I am not taking a position pro or con about vaccinations. I am simply passing on the information for those not aware of what is going on with this very hotly debated subject. The ramifications are so huge, that every side of the matter has to be looked at. In the end, each parent has to make their own decision.

The important matter here is the financial ties the people in government have, when they should not!

The cover-ups are amazing. They kill an infant and hide it. An absolute must read.

The amazing thing about it is that no one is charged with a crime. To go further, the drug companies, hospitals, doctors and our wonderful elected officials all seem to not give a dam……….so an infant died- it wasn’t theirs or anyone in their own family. (There’s big money involved. We need to keep pushing our Lobbyist friend’s products). In addition, we have to remember that the so lovingly, caring Senators in California, have actual financial ties to some of the vaccination drug companies, per the following article: An absolute must read, which is why I keep pushing it in your noses.

The following article is also a must read:

The authors of the Mandated Vaccinations California are: State Sens. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) and Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica). These are the two, according to the article, have financial ties, meaning they are going to profit off of every shot your children receive. It doesn’t matter whether they live or die – just make $$$$$$$.

So the questions at hands are:

  1. Why are we allowing them to make decisions, when there a direct conflict of interest?
  2. Why are these Senators still being allowed to stay in office?
  3. Why are they so brazen? They really seem not to care what comes out publically  about their dealings.

The answers to all three of these questions, is the same. They know you are not going to do anything to them. Sure, you may argue against the matter they are pushing (in this case it’s mandated vaccinations). They know though, that is the most you are going to do.  They therefore have nothing to lose. They tried to line their pockets and their Drug Corporate friend’s pockets and it failed – so what? If it doesn’t fail though………..WOW

It’s a home run. So some kids die every year – versus the amount of money they will all make – No biggy – Right?  In fact, why not keep pushing for more things onto the people? If this one worked, why won’t other things work?

Folks, it’s all so simple to stop this kind of behavior from happening to you and your families. Demand they be removed from office. It’s an obvious conflict of interest matter. Throw them out and you take a big step against this kind of behavior from those holding public office.

I would take it even further to the next step. Go for a criminal prosecution. Shake their world up.  Rattle their cages and teach them all a lesson by making an example of these two Senators. Send a very loud clear message – This kind of behavior is no longer acceptable.

It’s your life, your family’s lives, your country, and it’s SUPPOSED to be YOUR gov’t.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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