QUESTION: Why should the USA be pro-cancer?

ANSWER: Its big business running a big business and that puts money in their pockets, with you and your children paying the price.

1)  Case in point:…………………..MONSANTO

It seems that they are the few making the claim that their products are fine. Does human life mean that little when it comes to money? Evidently so, and the people in office running our country appear to be their team players.

For you own sake, you MUST read some (I recommend all) of the following;

Google: It’s Official: 19 European Countries Say ‘No’ to GMOs

Google: Why 19 Countries In Europe Just Completely Banned Genetically Modified Crops

Google: The American Academy of Pediatrics will sever ties with Monsanto at the end of this year.



Google: ACTION ALERT  So. Many. Lies.

Google: Let There Be Light!

Monsanto is, in my opinion, no doubt, evil, but only outdone by the people running this country, that allow them to go on. It’s so refreshing to see the stand European governments are taking to protect their citizenry.

Let your congress People know – Monsanto Cannot Grow!

Monsanto is just one example.

2)  I love this one – Google:

NIH spending $5 million to discourage hipsters from smoking   The Washington Post Apr 6, 2015 – The funding has paid for an anti-smoking campaign that targets hipsters … The federal government spent millions of dollars in recent years to ..

We spend millions to campaign against smoking (and hopefully it’s working), while we allow it to go on. The people in office running this country make argument for it (lots of lobbyist corporate money from these people):

Ex: It will just be done illegally.

So what! The crops will be burned and it will be less and less until almost entirely eliminated.

Ex: It will cost us jobs and taxes we collect.

What is wrong with me? We need to keep our hospitals filled and everyone working to take care of those diseased as a result of smoking. Let us continue to kill the people with disease (slowly) and watch the suffering they and their families endure. This is really smart thinking.

Taxes? Guess what? If we didn’t need to spend so much on healthcare, perhaps we wouldn’t need to raise so much tax money?

3) Pharmaceutical drugs: You listen to the barrage of commercials and the side effects can actually give you cancer. Are you people (who take these drugs or give them to your children) stupid or just off your minds? Where is the control on this? – There is none.

BUT, there is a control on all of it, and it’s you, the consumer. Just stop buying what they are selling. If the elected officials aren’t doing anything to stop their corporate lobbyist friends, then you need to. Without you, all these corporations will go out of business.

If the government would stop allowing products and drugs on the market that GIVE us Cancer, they wouldn’t have to be looking so much for a cure. Actually though, Cancer is very big business. To find out, just read some (or all) of the following;

Where Do the Millions of Cancer Research Dollars Go Every …

Feb 7, 2013 – On the amount spent on cancer research: … “Simply put, we have not adequately channeled our scientific know-how, funding, and energy into a …

People also ask How much money is spent on cancer research each year?

In recent years, NCI’s budget has been relatively flat, averaging approximately $4.9 billion per year over the past 6 years. Other federal agencies, state, and local governments, voluntary organizations, private institutions, and industry spend substantial amounts of money on cancer-related research.

Cancer Research Funding – National Cancer

Search for: How much money is spent on cancer research each year?

How much money does the cancer industry make?  A great deal of research is covered up and many potential cures are ignored and discredited because there is far more money in perpetuating illness than in curing it. In 2012, the reported spending on cancer treatment was 124.6 billion dollars.

Making a Killing with Cancer: A 95.5 Billion Dollar Industry |….Search for: How much money does the cancer industry make?

How much money is raised and spent in fighting cancer?

Sep 9, 2014 – The Stand Up to Cancer telethon — simulcast Friday night on all four … $4.8 billion in cancer research in the 2013 fiscal year, and funding has …

It’s MY LIFE and ‘It’s MY Money & I Want It!’
is the name of the game. Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations and their political puppets.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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