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There is always talking going on about the cost, in our country, of our Social Programs. Social Security is usually the big topic of the day. It seems to be the favorite target of our wonderful wealthy elected officials. We hear how we can no longer afford to keep it up. It’s draining us. Draining Who? What? When? Where?

Let us be perfectly clear on where Social Security money comes from. For starters, know that it has nothing to do with the Federal Budget. Social Security is money that you and I and our employer(s) have paid in, throughout our working life. It is an amount that is deducted from our paycheck and our employer matches that amount. Those monies are then sent to the government. This money of OURS, the government holds for us until we reach a certain age. It is then given back out to us on a monthly basis. Please note that I have heard remarks from people, about people getting this ‘free’ money from the government. THIS IS NOT FREE MONEY!  THIS IS YOUR VERY OWN MONEY. The government is not doing you any favors. They are simply returning to you your own money.

I have absolutely no problem if the government wants to stop the Social Security program. All they have to do is return to me (all of us), ALL the money we and our employer(s) have paid in for us. In all fairness to us, they would also have to include the interest for all the decades (compounded), that we would have gotten in a bank. I’m sure our wealthy elected officials would not like taking that route. Give the hard working citizenry of this country back their money? What am I thinking? I must be taking stupid pills. They would like so, so badly to get their hands on OUR money and turn it over to their Wall Street Banker friends. For them to pass Legislation to do this, as you occasionally hear about or read about in the Media, to me, would be the out and out stealing of our money. This is not a matter for several hundred Congress People to make for the hundreds of millions of working people (of today and past). I, along with every working person, since the inception of the Social Security program, was very clear on the HOLDING of this money for us. For this matter to be considered for ANYTHING but government held, in my eyes, would need to go to a national vote – “Of the People, By the People and for the People”. – Then and only then, could a change be made to how OUR money should or would be handled.

We also hear about the Social Security Program running out of money. True, but this isn’t about to happen immediately. With proper care and planning it becomes a non-issue. It’s just political rhetoric to create an excuse to try to take possession of OUR money. This money is not the governments, and they know that. It seems to bother these politicians that we have a little something that their greedy Wall Street Banker friends would like to get their hands on, but cannot (so far).

Several of the ways to stretch the existing funds being suggested by our wonderful wealthy political leaders, naturally target those who need it the most. Why not? They’re the easiest to take advantage of. Let’s extend the age for which they can apply for the getting back of their own funds. Let them wait till they’re older. They’ll get less because their years left on this planet would be less. At the risk of sounding like I’m taking a religious position, which I can absolutely assure you, I am not, I think all our wonderful, good Church going leaders and Wall Street Bankers, need to hear loud and clear what the Pope has been saying these past few weeks. They don’t seem to like it. I’ll give you one guess, when it comes down to God and money, who they favor. It’s a must to Google every article you can to read his words and attitude about the politicians and greedy business people and corporations.

A rather simple and easy solution is right at hand, but God Forbid the politicians touch, even slightly the higher income earners. That would be blasphemy. Currently there is a cap in place on our income, above which Social Security is no longer deducted from our pay check. The larger income one has, the higher their standard of living is. Without infringing upon the higher income earners to affect their standard of living, simply raise the cap. Figure out how much the Social Security program will need over the next (lets say) fifty years. It’s not rocket science. There are ‘X’ amount of people earning above this self-created cap of ours. There are also ‘X’ amount of people earning ‘X+’, then there are the others earning ‘X++, X+++,X++++’ and so on. None of these peoples life style are going to change one iota. Well look at this, how one small peanut brain like myself can show all our genius political leaders how to stop the BS and fix the problem, all without hurting or affecting anyone’s lives. I’m sorry. I take exception to what I just said. There would be lives affected………..the elderly, the poor and the sickly would be benefited. Again, what is wrong with me, the upper wealthy people would have to put into the pot, a few dollars that they have no need for, but would be against their religion…..MONEY  – not the religion the Pope is talking about.

There is a disease in this country. The citizenry is the victim. The disease itself is easy to recognize. It is two legged, greedy, and dishonest. They make laws and rules that are not ‘Of The People, By The People, (and definitely not) For The People’.

Three hundred million people can certainly stop a few hundred Congress People. A little old man did it without violence, social media, cell phones, etc. He threw an entire government out of his country – his name was Ghandi. Iceland just recently did it too. They threw out all the crooks, jailed CEO’s and Bankers.

If you want your country back, I implore you to read the Pope’s recent words and Google ‘Iceland’ for what and how they did.

It’s My Money (and My Country)
is the name of the game. Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations and their political puppets.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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