Why is it that you don’t believe our government when they tell you how much our economy has improved? Could it be that your household is one of the roughly forty percent (40%) that are living paycheck to paycheck?

A must to read: Google: “Hand to Mouth Nation” and you’ll see you’re not alone.

Can you believe those geniuses don’t understand why people aren’t ‘dumping’ back into the economy, the money they are saving on gasoline? The level of stupidity is amazing. Can you picture the conversation at a gas station going something like this: ‘Honey, guess what? We just saved $12.00 on filling up our gas tank. Let’s go out and put it down on a new house’. If these are the geniuses running our country, we are in big trouble – and guess what? – We are.

It’s amazing how our political leaders twist and spin numbers trying to convince you that you really aren’t struggling. This isn’t a matter of them thinking you’re stupid as you are totally unconscious. After all, those bills and financial struggles are just in your imagination.

The politicians know this, but they make believe they are helping you and I by taking care of the corporations. Get these people out of office asap!Google: Consumers ‘Running in Place,’ Can’t Earn Enough Money – DailyFinance

If you want to see what the real deal is with all those ‘wonderful’ economic statistics they blast out on the media:

Google: “Distressed American Workers Expose the Fallacy of Improving Unemployment Numbers”.

Stop believing those headlines! They are not for your benefit. To repeat what I wrote last week: A Japanese prover: “If you believe everything you read, better not read”.

I tend to believe more from those that have nothing to gain from their reporting. Bankers, Wall Street Money Managers, Government Officials, all these people have plenty to gain by telling you that all is well. They want you to part with your money.

On the tax situation in this country: It would be blasphemy for them to approach the sacred corporations to pay just a ‘fair share’ of taxes.

(1) 20 Big profitable US companies paid no taxes
(2) 15 Fortune 500 companies paid no federal Income Taxes
(3) The sorry state of corporate taxes/Citizens for Tax justice
(4) More than 90% of US Businesses don’t pay the Corporate Income Tax

Once again from last week, if you missed it: Check out: GE and Starbucks taxes paid (but the politicians say there is no money for Social Security, Medicare, etc. Only for Corporate America – Google:The International Tax System is ‘Repulsive And Inequitable.’ Here’s A Way To Fix It.

I really hope your blood is starting to boil by now. I believe the Pope has said something to the effect of; it’s time for a new world order. It’s enough with Greed being the new sacred cow.

This now brings us to the current political scene. Do any of these possible candidates have our best interest at heart or are they just another group of corporate puppets? It is imperative to find the candidate that will work for the individual (real people, not “Corporations are People” per the Supreme Court). Truly if corporations are people, then it would be reasonable to assume they would pay taxes like real, living people do. They do not and we need people put into office, at every election, to start making the necessary changes. What a bunch of garbage when our politicians tell us if we tax the corporations they will start laying off people. Who in the world, what business in the world, lays off people and purposely does less business because they have to pay taxes. That’s like saying to your mate; let’s take jobs that pay less, so we lower our taxes.

Either the people, who are in office and say this, are completely stupid or total liars. Either way, they are not fit to be in office and making decisions for the citizenry of this country. This breed of politician has to be voted out of office at every election, at every level of government.

It’s MY Country and ‘It’s MY Money & I Want It!’
is the name of the game. Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations and their political puppets.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultantwww.HarrisHelps.org “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
(more next week)