Why shouldn’t you want it? How many times around do you get a shot? Sorry, but unless you want to think about re-incarnation, and even if you do, this is it folks.

No doubt it’s easier to be happy when we are healthy and also not stressing about money.

Life is less fun when we are lacking in either one of the above.

The problem comes in when good ole USA incorporated isn’t interested in those very same things for us. The only interest they have at heart is their corporate bottom line. By the way, regardless of our ‘wonderful’ Supreme Court ruling, that corporations are people, corporations do not have hearts. In addition many do not pay taxes like people do.

The other part of the problem is that our elected officials also don’t seem to have our personal interests for income, health and happiness as their interests either. The fact is, that money and corporations dictate THEIR needs and wants, and we the people don’t count.

So we have to do for ourselves. We cannot count on a government that’s supposed to be ‘By the people and for the people”, because it’s evident that the people in our government offices, making the laws are definitely not.

You don’t have to look any further than what’s happening now in California. The two Senators there, Richard Pan and Ben Allen, are the authors of the mandated vaccination laws. According to what I have read, they supposedly have financial ties to the company that makes the vaccination drug. Now you don’t think for one moment that these two ‘caring, loving, serving’ public servants, on their own, investigated the health ramification facts behind vaccinations.

A great article:

Another great article:

The only investigating I think they did was how much money their corporate friends can make off of every shot given to every child for their entire school life. I’ll bet their greedy little minds and hands were busy calculating $$$$$$$$$.

The drug manufacturer is going to be forever racking in the money, until it’s finally stopped and Mr. Pan and Mr. Allen will have created an ongoing corporate alliance.. This is absolutely amazing.

So where is the money going to come from to pay the drug manufacturer? ………YOU!

If there are health ramifications to incur, whose children will it be?…………………YOURS!

Whose life will then be a little less happy ………………………………………  YOURS!

Three points to make:

For those people that are pro or anti choice vaccinations, think about this. Who should you believe when you read about the pros/cons of vaccination? The people that have financial gains to be made or those that have no financial gains to be made? The results of studies from other countries or those made here, paid for by corporations?

If public officials that are involved in policy making, will benefit financially from the policy, they need to be removed from office. They also need to be charged criminally. They are out and out stealing and that is criminal!

The proposed law or legislation they have put forth, needs to be withdrawn, because of the basis upon which is was passed.

In conclusion, know that there is a small country called Iceland. You should really read about what they did to clean up the same type of stuff that goes on here. The following article is a good starting place:

If you care about your children and what to do start getting this country back on track, I suggest you research in depth about Iceland.


Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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