The following is a quote from the book, ‘Knots’, by R. D. Laing. “They’re playing a game, and the game they’re playing is, they’re pretending not to be playing a game. Now if I let them know they’re doing that, they’ll punish me, so I’ve got to be playing the playing the game of pretending not to be playing a game.”

The book is page by page similar kinds of statements. The idea is to understand totally, the statement. Each time can do that, we are untying another ‘Knot’ within ourselves.

Mr.Laing is a Psychologist. In his book, ‘Knots’, he does an incredible job of presenting each one of us with the ‘Knots’ of our human condition and the ‘Knots’ of the condition of our society‘   .

In the particular ‘Knot’ that I have quoted here, I’m referring to the people that occupy the political offices and positions in our government – The powers they wield over our lives and the things they say (so obviously falsely that they can’t even get the facts right, per ‘Fact Checker) to convince us it’s all for our own good. They tell us their decisions and statements are the truth, with only our best interests in mind. The truth though, is blatantly in our face and in our lives on a daily basis.

To sidetrack for a moment, taking a part of the quote from above: ”Now if I let them know they’re doing that, they’ll punish me, so I’ve got to be playing the playing the game of pre tending they’re not playing a game.” I absolutely refuse to go along with this. The proof of this lies in the essence of all my ‘Blogs’ and ‘’Tips’ I post every week. Over three hundred MILLION citizens can and must stand up for themselves and stop these people in office and their corporate lobbyist friends from controlling this country.

Back to the subject:

  1. Is it truly in our best interest to give big corporations billions of dollars instead of taxing them billions on their billions in profits, while you pay taxes on your hard earned income?
  2. How about doing away with health care for millions of us, while they enjoy the best health care money (our tax money) can buy them.
  3. Another One: Social Security they say is hurting us, while they enjoy nice size pensions for the rest of their lives. I would bet anything with anyone, they wouldn’t be talking like that if they had to live on Social Security.
  4. How about the women and men that go to war (the ones the politicians start, that may not even be necessary, but very profitable for their corporate friends –ex: Iraq).. These women and men lose their lives and their limbs only to have their benefits cut because there is no money for that. Amazing, while all the time their corporate friends are feeding, like vultures over the dead bodies.
  5. No minimum wage – It will hurt the economy, so say the economists (which happen to be Wall Street economists). They say people need to work harder while they in Congress hardly work, and vacation with Lobbyists (try Googling how many days a year Congress People work). Why don’t they try working two to three jobs a week just to pay rent and feed a family?
  6. Making tons of money on the Stock Market. Wouldn’t we all love to be able to have the insider information Congress People have – oops, I think that’s illegal, but Mr. Boehner told the Courts they cannot be investigated for that/ Of course not – only you and I can – These people have actually placed themselves above the law and have no qualms about putting it in our faces.
  7. Funding drug dealers, terrorist groups, rigging interest rates, falsifying mortgage documents and the list goes on. You and I would be locked away for lifetimes. The jails are filled with people for some marijuana while these real criminals continue their activities. All this goes on because the wonderful Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder, that previously worked for a law firm that represented the banks and has since returned to work from them, said, he cannot pursue criminal actions against them because it could hurt our financial systems. Mr. Holder should be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting criminals and after that is proven, we could then go after all the bankers and Wall Street people he left free to roam and continue their activities.

I can go on and on, but there’s no sense to it if you don’t get it by now.

They make the rules and the laws for themselves and their wealthy corporate friends. They change the rules and laws for themselves and their friends when it interferes with the lining of their pockets with more and more of our hard earned money. No matter how much they have, they want all that WE have and then tell us we have to work harder – this is slavery all over again, happening right in the middle of your life, Slaves at least were given food and shelter. These people say work harder if you cannot feed and shelter yourself on your minimum wage jobs and tough nuggies if you have no healthcare insurance or Social Security doesn’t cover your minimum costs to survive, or Veterans, lots of luck you sucker.

Amazing because the truth is, as we all know it, there always was more than enough money to go around. There still is. The only shortages we have now, all comes from the taking of it away from the citizenry and giving it to the wealthy. Of course in the middle of doing this they themselves become wealthy. It’s no wonder they will lie and say anything to stay or get back into office – it’s an easy job (again Google how many days a year a Congress Person works).and they get rich at the same time. Nice – what a great combination – wouldn’t all of us love that of a job?

The bottom line: “They’re playing a game, and the game they’re playing is, they’re pretending not to be playing a game. Now if I let them know they’re doing that, they’ll punish me, so I’ve got to be playing the playing the game of pretending not to be playing a game.”

Guess what? The time has arrived for us to stop this game they’re playing. Throw these people to the wolves. They lie, cheat and legally steal for themselves and wealthy corporate friends. Iceland did and so can we. At the very least, we can elect a candidate that truthfully has every intention to do this. DO NOT vote for .a candidate that talks the talk but doesn’t walk the talk. It’s easy to see who is who. Google their names and their contributors and you will know instantly. NOW is the time for change, but only you, the voter can make it happen. It’s up to each and every voter to make it a reality, for themselves, their children and their country…

It’s MY LIFE and MY COUNTRY & I want it, is the name of the game, ‘It’s MY Money & I Want It!’ is the name of my book
Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations and their
political puppets.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant, Debt Settling “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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