Last week we spoke about three things:
1) Reading labels to be able to make better decisions on what you/family are eating
2) Doctors get illnesses like you. You go to them thinking they can cure you, when they are in the same position you are
3) You are given drugs to shut off your warning systems, but not necessarily curing the problem

Drugs and their advertising are a HUGE business. Listen to the TV and it’s amazing how many commercials there are pushing drugs onto you. (my note: an informative site)
DTC prescription drug ads are banned in every country but the United States and New Zealand. All other countries ban all forms of DTC prescription drug ads (except Canada, which allows limited forms of reminder ads). The United States is 5% of the world’s population but accounts for 42% of global prescription drug spending. [45] The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in 2000, “Advertisements to the general public should… not generally be permitted for prescription drugs,” and in 2007 the WHO group on DTC prescription drug ads “made a unanimous recommendation to prohibit direct-to-consumer advertising.” [39] [38]

Listen closely to the commercials and read the ads carefully. They usually say something like: “For the relief of the symptoms of………….”

So now your body is no longer coughing or sneezing, or feverish, etc. Congrats, because now your body’s warning system of a problem, has been shut off. This is equivalent to a house being on fire – you shut off the fire alarm and for some strange reason, you think the house is no longer on fire. (A side note: It amazes me how much the time the commercials take to list all the side effects of the drug. It seems longer than the body of the commercial itself and then may conclude with, “So ask your Doctor if XXXXX is right for you” – are you people off your minds, taking these drugs?).

Every time you shut your warning system’s alarms off (“For the relief of the symptoms of………….”), you have left your house (your body) with the fire still burning. You have to get rid of the reasons WHY – you are coughing or sneezing or feverish. When you get rid of the ‘Why’ reasons, you will have actually cured the illness. When the illness is cured, the warning system (symptoms of the problem), will shut off by themselves. You listen like sheep though, and keep taking the drugs your doctor gives you. You keep shutting off the alarms and you keep the problem going on within you.

YOU MUST GET RID OF THE REASON ‘WHY’ AND NOT THE SYMPTOMS OF THE ILLNESS. Removing the ‘symptoms’ does not mean you have removed the illness – you have only covered it over.

Most doctors are trained to treat symptoms but are not trained to get to the root cause of disease.

A really great article by Michael Kirsch, MD
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So decades go by, of shutting off every symptom and warning the body has literally been screaming out at you. You wake up one day, not feeling so good and you go to your ‘so knowledgeable Doctor’. And OH NO! – You have some bad disease. Let me tell you, you didn’t go to sleep okay and wake up with bad luck, contracting this disease in your sleep. No! For decades you have taken pharmaceuticals “For the relief of the symptoms of xxxxxx) and now there’s the price to pay for not dealing with the ‘Cause’ but instead you and your doctor dealt with the ‘Symptoms’.

At what point are you going to start questioning those drugs your doctor is giving you?
At what point are you going to start educating yourself about how to take care of yourself/family?

It’s your very own life and family’s lives in question here. What will it take to make you realize, if you don’t make an effort to change and improve the how and what and way you are taking care, you’re just a sheep being led by USA Incorporated.

It’s MY LIFE and MY COUNTRY & I want it, is the name of the game,
‘It’s My Money & I Want It!’ is the name of my book
Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations and their political puppets.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant, Debt Settling “It’s My Money & I Want It!”
(More next week)