We read about the cost of healthcare in this country, and it’s HUGE. Did you ever stop to think about why? Consider this: In a ranking of seventeen nations, the US comes in dead last. Welcome to corporate food America.

Obviously if we were healthier as a country, we couldn’t have such high healthcare costs.

Being a ‘healthier country’ is a general statement. How can a country be healthier? Simple – every person in the country gets healthier. As you and I get healthier, not only does the country’s healthcare cost come down, but what you and I spend on healthcare for ourselves and family, also goes down. We have more money to spend on enjoyable things. We miss less days at work. Less aches and pains with fewer visits to the doctor with fewer pills to take (translating into less side effects that require more visits to the doctor to get pills for the side effects). Maybe also, we possibly don’t wind up being cut open on an operating table, with tubes running through us. There is more icing on the cake. We feel better throughout our day. Isn’t that a nice thing? Our experience of life is suddenly different. Our relationships at home are better because our mood is better. What a nice payoff, all because we took a stance in our life, with a decision to be a healthier person and family.

I’ve heard people say that it costs more to eat better. What a load of nonsense. This is an excuse for not wanting to make the change in you and your family’s life. People would rather moan and complain than do something. To buy your children cereal that is marshmallows covered with chocolate, is feeding them candy for breakfast. It’s really a joke. The people in the corporations should be ashamed of themselves and their products taken off the market. When they market candy to children as cereal something is really evil about them. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy a real cereal. To drink a juice without artificial chemicals vs one with, is the same. I can go on with all the endless food items. Start taking notice of what’s in people’s shopping carts, including your own. Is it a cart that’s filled with packages and cans whose labels list ingredients that you cannot even pronounce? A shopping cart of chemicals – artificial flavors, colorings, sweeteners, preservatives, etc. Then you wonder why you or child are constantly getting sick, have running noses, headaches etc. Then it’s off to the doctor for a pill to treat the ‘SYMPTOMS’ – and ‘POOF’ like magic, we’re better. NO WE ARE NOT! All the wonderful healer did was shut off the alarm ringing in our body, but the house is still on fire. This is a big subject for another time though.

Do yourself a favor and get some firsthand information. Do a search in your browser for: ‘Food additives in US and banned in Europe’. It’s truly mind boggling what goes on in the US. Your money and you and your children’s health are up for sale to the marketers of these chemical ridden foods. “It’s My Money & I Want It!” –NO! It’s Your Money & THEY Want It! You can put a stop on corporate food America from taking it from you. Simply stop buying their products. They’ll be forced to produce products with no chemicals.

Diseases and their life devastating effects on your life do not happen by accident or by a stroke of bad luck. Take care of you and your family’s health and you are taking care of your money. Less corporate junk foods may mean less doctor visits, fewer medications (with their side effects), less irritable days, less missed school and work days and in return you get to keep more of your own money. Now that’s a win-win for anyone.

“It’s My Money & I Want It!” is not just a title of a book; it’s a way of life. You can choose to try and have more of it, or say to yourself; but I love all my junk foods and then wonder why you and your family are not looking and feeling so fit.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
(more next week)