They distract you with non-sense while they steal:

I don’t understand it. This country has HUGE issues and problems. For some reason though, most of the candidates (as I watch the Debates) don’t discuss the problems in any kind of depth. Nor do they offer, in depth, any kind of solution to our problems. All they seem to want to talk about is ‘Immigration’. They act and talk as if the ‘Immigration’ situation is the cause of all the problems we have.

The following is an article from ‘Forbes’ which is an organization that has any axe to grind. With no reason to be for or against, they can very honestly report the facts. Read the following and be enlightened on this issue –

GOOGLE: Illegal Immigrants Don’t Lower Our Wages Or Take Our Jobs ……/2015/…/how-do-illegal-immigrants-affect-am…
Aug 28, 2015 – Anti-immigration voters and candidates are on the wrong side of

Now let’s take a look at the jobs these people(immigrants) are stealing from us – GOOGLE: Jobs Americans Won’t Do? A Detailed Look at Immigrant …

Center for Immigration Studies

This analysis tests the often-made argument that immigrants only do jobs Americans don’t want. … Moreover, native-born Americans comprise 47 percent of workers in these occupations. Many jobs often thought to be overwhelmingly immigrant are in fact majority native-born:

There is a point I’m making here. It’s called ‘Distraction’! They direct your attention to a matter that has no affect upon your life. They refuse to talk about the money they receive from their corporate donors. Donors that, should their candidate(s) get into office, and these donors are putting up a lot of money to try and insure they do, are owed back a lot of new legislation. Legislation that keeps lining their corporate bank accounts. Now take a guess where all that money is going to come from – Wake up people – they are not your friends – Neither the candidates who are taking the money or the corporations giving it to them. You, the citizen are strictly there to be milked. I trust you do not find that to be a comforting position or situation that your elected officials constantly place you in.

Jobs: They really give lip service to this one. Our infrastructure is falling apart – common knowledge. Instead of giving Wall Street/Bankers a trillion dollars, putting them in jail, they should have spent the trillion on fixing the infrastructure and created real jobs. Why don’t they talk about that?

Education: All they do is cut the funds for education while they send their children to private schools. They never talk about more money for education –only cuts.

GUNS: They are part of the ‘Constitution’, but there is a problem. In spite of the statistics of the citizenry, the NRA has the Congress People do what THEY want them to do:

USA Gun Violence Statistics |
The US has an estimated 283 million guns in civilian hands; Each year about 4.5 … More than 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year in this country.

OOPS – Just as I’m typing this Blog, 12 more dead in California shootout

FACT: More people have died from guns in America, than every single U.S. war combined.

FACT: There are people who cannot be TSA approved, for flying on our airlines. However, they have no problem in getting guns

Social Security in danger? Why aren’t they talking about how to fix it? Maybe try something silly like taxing the billion dollar profits the corporations make and don’t pay any taxes on?

The Pacific Ocean: It has been poisoned from radiation. The fish carry cancer and they have you and your family eating it. They hide this, so I guess it’s not important?
GOOGLE: We’re Eating Fukushima Radiation; Bloody Cancerous Tumors in Fish & Seafood –

GMO’s IN OUR FOOD: They never talk about this. It’s really weird. They are making laws to indicate high sodium on restaurant menus but no labeling for GMO foods? Probably because Monsanto, GMO manufacturer, takes good care of the Congress People
GOOGLE: GMOs Are 125 Times More Deadly Than Previously Thought:

CONSUMED – GMO Story – a MUST to see
To get tickets for Screenings in Cities Across America, click here:

The bottom line: Stop being distracted with non-sense talk about immigration. We have real problems and we need real talk with real solutions.

If these candidates will not do that, and the current people in office will not do anything about it, do just what Iceland did:

It’s MY LIFE and MY COUNTRY & I want it, is the name of the game,‘It’s My Money & I Want It!’ is the name of my book
Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations and their
political puppets.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal, Consultant, Debt Settling “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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