How often do we read about some unfortunate person that has been released after serving decades in prison for a crime they didn’t commit?

How does something like this happen? And can it happen to you or a family member?

Of course it can. In my observations and listening to the news, Prosecutors are interested in one thing and one thing only – Winning! In the words from the picture “Serpico”, “Both sides (the Defense and the Prosecutor) want to win. We want to win regardless of the truth, regardless of justice, regardless of who is guilty or innocent, because winning is everything”.

There is nothing wrong with winning. The problem comes in when the Truth is deliberately hidden by the Prosecutor. Facts, evidence, witness statements, etc are deliberately distorted or kept out of the trial, all in order for the Prosecutor to get a guilty verdict. The key word here is deliberately.

You are accused of a crime. You are totally, absolutely innocent. How is this all possible? It’s possible because some Prosecutor is trying very hard to rack up wins to push their career. Every ‘Guilty’ win they get is another feather in their cap and it’s your life they are using for this.

I cannot even begin to imagine the feeling of first being charged with a crime. Then being put on trial for it and living through everyday of it. You sit listening to statements that aren’t true. You are helpless to stop what is going on. Then at the end of the trial you wait while the Jury is deliberating – meaning they are making a decision that can take life, as you know it, away from you. Then after possibly several days of your living through what feels like an eternity of hell, the Jury comes back. You’re then told to rise and hear the verdict. A verdict, arrived at through lies and hidden truths, that finds you ‘Guilty as Charged’. Life stops! Then the next stop for you is possibly days later. You are waiting to hear your sentencing. You absolutely cannot wrap your mind around what is happening to you. It mustn’t seem real, but it is. The day arrives and the Judge reads your sentence XX years, with _________ parole. You’re taken away and imprisoned.

Then your new life starts in a new strange world – PRISON. Your entire family’s life is also turned upside down. Your family is working on an appeal to overturn the verdict, knowing you are innocent. The hours turn into days, the days turn into months, and the months into years and decades can go by.

Then, after years of efforts by your family and lawyers, something breaks. It is discovered that the investigators and/or the Prosecutor withheld evidence that proved your non-involvement – your innocence. Finally, you are set free. Decades of a life were lost for you and yours. Because some prosecutor was using you and most probably others along his/her way to build a career, you paid the price, with your life.

So maybe you collect millions of dollars for this wrongful act – so what! You lost you life.The question arises then – How do we put a stop to this kind of stuff?

Very easily – A mistake is one thing. Mistakes are made. It is an entirely different matter though, when there is a deliberate act of wrongdoing to obtain a conviction of an innocent person. This is absolutely a crime, and the punishment should fit the crime.

If there is deliberate wrongdoing found, then the party that committed it should receive the original sentence handed down to the prosecuted innocent person.  This should stop, in its tracks, the hiding of evidence, etc., that any authority does to convict an innocent person.

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