My sons, in their last year of High School, told me they were thinking of going to college. I askedthem why they wanted to go. Their answer was, “All my friends are going”. I said that is not a good reason, to be going just because others are going. You are going to spend a number of years of your life and a lot of money. You need to be very clear on why you want to make this kind of commitment. Then they said “To learn how to make money”. Once again I said that is not a good reason.

We go to college to get knowledge or to learn a profession, to be a professional at something that requires a degree. You may want to be a Lawyer, a Doctor, Accountant, Professor – teacher, etc. You do not go to college to learn how to make money. That is not what colleges are there for and colleges do not give courses in ‘Learning How to Make Money’.

I also told them that college can be used as a tool. You do not necessarily have to do the standard four or six years of subjects that may not be of interest to them or serve their purpose. A person may have a very specific interest in a particular subject, such as Astronomy, Biology, any of the Social Sciences, Marketing or Business, Construction Estimating or Blueprint Reading, a Graphic Designer, Journalist, etc. A person can go to college for any reason of their choice. They may want some very specific information or knowledge of a particular subject. This does not require years of commitment or a large financial commitment and they will be able to fill their needs.

Their interest, as it turned out, was to learn how to make money.

I told them to take any menial job in a neighborhood store. They should observe how a business is run, what actually goes on, what they like or dislike about it, how they would be doing things if it were their business, what they thought was being done well and how they would improve any aspect of it, etc. In essence this would be their college of learning how to make money’.

After they would work at these jobs for a short time, they would then be in a better position to decide if learning how to make money or going into business was truly something they wanted to do. Possibly they would now prefer going to college to be a ‘Professional’ of some sought. Either way, their choice would now not be based upon what their friends were doing, but upon their own experience -A truly much wiser basis for such a decision.

They took local menial jobs, observed, learned and got a certain amount of experience about some of the things involved in a business. They each decided they liked business and together, we opened one. They watched me and were ALWAYS included in all the decisions. Just as they learned from me, I learned from them. With their fresh eyes and not stuck in my aged experiences, which sometime were not necessarily the best in this ever changing world, we worked together, each growing together more and more into the world of ‘Business – Money Making’.

To this day, they have never regretted their decision and absolutely love business. Now in their forties and partners in various businesses, they have developed into very sharp, honest and hardworking business people.

We teach by example & WE learn by listening.

It is important to note that this is not necessarily the way for everyone. Going to college may just be what you need. The important thing to remember is to be very clear and think about your choices before just jumping into something because others are doing it.

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