Have More & Do More Without More $

I continue to have more and do more in my life, than others with the same income.

I recently came back from a very nice vacation in Aruba, at a very nice high end hotel. While there, I bunked into someone I knew from business. He wasn’t much of a wage earner and he told me how he saved for two years to have this three day vacation with his wife and two sons. He said the travel and stay for the three days was costing him $4200.00.

I was a bit embarassed when he asked me how long I was there for and how much it was costing me. I sheepishly responded, not wanting to make him feel bad, that my wife and I were staying for nine days. My cost for the nine days (excluding dinners) was, (including the magnificient buffet breakfast that we got free each day, and that he was paying for, as many of the other guests were at $25.00/day/person), was $2600.00 including travel.

Not bad……. His 3 days $4200.00,…….My 9 days $2600 (including a $50.00/day breakfast)

My wife & I will be traveling to Europe this spring for three weeks.

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