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This one is beyond disgusting. It’s totally sickness by our so called MD ‘Healers’. You put you and your family’s life in their hands and all they see is a lump of meat to make profit on.


I love sweets as much if not more than the next person. There comes a time though, when we need to take a closer look and ask ourselves, – What exactly does sugar do to my body, my health, my everyday physical feeling? Also, is consuming 1/3 pound per day, too much. I know you may think that there is no way you consume 1/3 pound per day. Well know it or not, you do. It’s practically in everything you eat and drink. The following article is very educating about what goes on inside you when you consume sugar.


The more I read, the less I believe the CDC, the pharmaceutical corporations and the Congress People and Governors that sign vaccinations into mandates.

It’s amazing, but every article that comes out against vaccinations is always from a party that has no axe to grind – no monetary interest whatsoever – they have nothing to gain either way.  They therefore have no reason to be for or against. Their only motivation is the reporting of the facts for everyone to be aware of.

Do your children a huge favor, (it’s them who are going to have to live the rest of their lives with the decision you make), and read some of the following articles. In addition, go back to my Blog of 10/31 for more education on this life altering subject.

Finally – It’s about time:
GOOGLE: U.S. Government Says Vaccines are Dangerous

I just had to stick this one in – it’s too important to leave out:
GOOGLE: The Fox Guarding The Henhouse – The CDC & Vaccine Safety

The credentials of this Harvard trained, Ph.D. are no joke. Her reputation is at stake here.
GOOGLE: Harvard Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions | Circle of Docs- Chiropract

So it’s not enough to be going after every child and every adult, now they want to go after the unborn.
GOOGLE: Templeton Times: FDA Prepares to Fast Track New Vaccines Targeting Pregnant Women by Barbara Loe Fisher from NVIC

Now lets get all those veterans
GOOGLE: U.S. Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans

Here’s one for you. A 4 minute video that is a must listen to

It’s nice to hear from those outside of our country and our corporations.
GOOGLE: Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune

With all the advertising money the pharmaceuticals pay the media, they have tremendous power over the media.  That makes it’s nearly impossible to get an honest reporting. They do everything they can to rig the game. The problem comes in, when the game involves you and your children’s lives. They don’t seem to care one bit –It’s all about money. This is beyond sickening.
GOOGLE: Gauging Vaccine Reactions Absent Reliable Reporting

Hopefully this will prove to be helpful for those seeking it.
GOOGLE: NEW List of Vaccine Friendly Doctors State By State A-M – BabyCenter

I hope and trust the articles I post have some bearing on your thoughts and help you in your decision making about the various subjects I keep presenting. Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated and if there are any particular subjects you would like me to touch upon, please feel free to comment…….Thank you

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