That’s an interesting theory. Isn’t ‘More’ just ‘More’? How can ‘More’ possibly turn into ‘Less’?

It’s very simple. Everyone wants ‘More’, and that’s fine. The problem comes into, when ‘More’, is more than we, as individuals really need. That’s when ‘more’ becomes ‘less’.

Lets start with: How much do I need? That is answered by how big our desires are. The bigger our desires, the more we need ‘more’. The truth though, is when we have acquired all the material possessions we desire, regardless of how big or numerous they may be, and all our costs to live, regardless of how large, are met, and all the money we need to continue living ‘happily ever after’, without working, and there is still plenty left for our heirs…….we are done! To keep pushing more money towards the wealthy, in the form of tax breaks etc, doesn’t make sense.

At this point , whatever we keep earning, no longer gets spent. It goes into savings or investments or wherever. It’s truly superfluous money.

When money is no longer being spent, everything (meaning the day to day reality of businesses) starts to slow down. Businesses slowing down, means less products are being sold, thus less manufacturing is taking place – less raw materials being used – less trucking taking place and so on. You see the big picture. Money needs to keep circulating in order to keep an economy healthy.

So who are the people that keep money circulating? It’s the working class. From low income to middle income. They are the ones that have not acquired all their needs and desires. They are the ones Who endlessly have to keep spending. THIS is what keeps the ball rolling.

The pushing of more and more of the wealth of the country (and the world) into the hands of a very limited few, ultimately pushes us into a dead stop.

How this kind of situation can do anything for the rich is beyond me. If more and more of the population has less and less to spend, who is left to buy all the products of the companies the rich own? Not to mention, if the rich don’t pay much tax and the working people earn less and less, they pay less tax, so where does government get money from to run the country? They run short and then have to start cutting services, or wherever they can lay their hands on.

This economic theory of ‘Trickle down economics’ is pure non-sense. It has to be trickle up. When working people get the bulk of the money, they spend it. People pay their mortgages or buy new homes, products, etc. Ultimately it always winds up in the banks (that’s fine – it’s the way a normal economic spending system works). Everyone is paying taxes and the government has more money to spend for infrastructure, etc. This is a healthy situation for the rich, the middle, the poor and all businesses.

The attached article is not about Bernie Sanders, but “Asher Edelman, the inspiration for Gordon Gekko in Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street,” was asked on CNBC’s “Fast Money”.                                                http://usuncut.com/politics/gordon-gekko-sanders/

This is a person, whose level of greed was so big, that Hollywood made a movie about him. Read his understanding of greed and money. It’s everything that makes sense in order to have a well oiled economy.

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