We hear so much talk about social programs being the big financial burden to our country and economy.

Actually, we need to take our biggest social program, Social Security out of the picture. Why? – Because Social Security is our very own money. It is our own money that every payday, is taken out of our gross pay check. The government holds it until the day we start to draw upon it. This gives them approximately 40 -50 years to collect interest on. They now tell us, it’s all gone, or soon will be. They have the nerve to say we may have to bear cuts to it. Guess what? You elected politicians have somehow given yourselves pensions for life, along with health insurance, and I don’t remember ever voting upon that issue, so take a hike for yourselves.

One way to start fixing the Social Security’ ‘shortage problem’, is to do away with the lifetime pensions for all the past Senators, Congress People and whomever else our elected officials have placed on automatic for life – pensions, health insurance and every other self created, tapping of the till for themselves, programs and benefits. Let everyone of them start living on Social Security and Medicare like every other working person in this country and stop living off of us.

The ultimate fix of course, is so simple and easy and everyone is aware of it. The trouble is that our elected politicians don’t dare touch their ‘Sacred Cows’ – the wealthy class. There is unlimited access to funds to keep our Social Security program in place and humming endlessly. Simply raise the limit of income upon which Social Security is deducted and paid into the program.

The big income earners will not feel or have their life style change one iota by continuing to pay into Social Security. Their lives will go along as usual. They won’t sell off any of their homes or cars or stocks or eat out any less. The people living on Social Security though are affected tremendously. In too many cases, it means rent money or food money or medication money. Our elected officials don’t really seem to give a dam though.

In truth, the real economic burden, at least when it comes to Social Security, is a game that our elected officials play. They play it because of their indebtedness to their rich, untouchable, ‘Sacred Cow’, big contributor friends – while the rest of the citizens pay their dues.

Let’s examine the statement – ‘The Wealthy are the economic burden’. That seems like a weird thing to say – doesn’t it?

Think about this; the wealthy have multiple homes, cars, complete and expensive wardrobes many times over, bulging bank accounts and whatever else you can think of that money can buy – their cups are more than full. As a result of their lack of material needs, all additional monies they receive (and I am in no way saying they should not keep earning as much money as their little hearts desire – and I do mean little – smile), doesn’t get pumped into the economy. It doesn’t go into the everyday shopping of everyday businesses like the working class does. The money that the wealthy earns goes into stocks or bonds or off-shore to avoid taxes, but not into the real everyday economy that this country needs as the bloodline to stay healthy.

In spite of this, our elected politicians keep pushing them more and more money any way they can, from tax breaks, to lucrative corporate contracts and who knows what else, till the next scandal exposes something else. By the way, don’t believe for one moment that by giving huge tax breaks to the huge corporations, they go ahead and build factories and expand their businesses and increase employment. What a bunch of BS. I’ve been a business person my entire life. There is no way, cutting my taxes would mean expanding and hiring more people. To expand and hire more people, I need to be doing more business. You can cut my taxes to zero, without more business, there is no basis to expand and hire.

What an excuse to cut the taxes of the wealthy, cause more Federal debt and budget shortage in our country and then tell us social programs have to be scaled back.

In summing up:

1) The wealthy, once they have acquired all their basic needs, do not add anything to the growth of our everyday economy. – They store (hoard) their money away. Working class people spend their money everyday in the market place. Retail businesses stay busy, factories keep manufacturing, people are hired as everyone stays busy doing business and then and ONLY THEN, do the wealthy expand and hire people. It all starts though with you and I.

2) The wealthy, through the help of ‘OUR’ elected officials, pay less and less taxes. As a result, guess who is left to pick up the tab for all the costs to run this country. This is not to mention the cost of the wars we always seem to be engaged in – and by cost, I don’t mean just money, but the lives and limbs of our children, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

Wars – you and I pay for them through our taxes, while the corporations make billions in profits. This is a very subtle way in which money is transferred from you and I, to the wealthy and their corporations, who then in turn, off-shore their money and pay no taxes.

In final summary, I have to conclude that the root of the problem and statement, ‘The wealthy are our economic burden’ is not as true as, it’s our elected, life long politicians that are the very root of the problem itself. They have self created for themselves a system where they have made it legal to do whatever it is they find will serve themselves and their wealthy contributors.

At some point in this country, one of two things is going to happen. There is either going to be complete enslavement of the citizenry or a revolution. I think the best way to put a complete stop to it all, is 300 million citizens sit down – stop the country and throw every politician out that has anything all to do with money from outside interests, other than their salaries – of course that means all of them. It’s been done before and it can and should be done again – if not, kiss your lives and the future of your children’s lives goodbye.

REMEMBER: No action is an action and you sow what you reap.

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