Man is a civilized creature. Man has created societies, rules and laws to abide by. We’ve created governments to run things in an orderly fashion, guiding us all to have healthy, wealthy, prosperous, enjoyable lives (a bit of sarcasm here). Mankind is amazing. We’ve created all kinds of technological devices, from TVs’ to cars, computers, airplanes, heat and air-conditioning, cell phones, etc and the list goes on. What other creatures on this planet, now or in the past has accomplished what we have? None!

Of all the creatures though, that have inhabited this small spinning ball of mud, none has created more havoc, destruction, pollution, pain upon it’s very own, than ‘Man’.

I love what the late, great political stand-up comic George Carlin once said. It went something like this: “People are walking around saying ‘Save the planet, save the planet’. I say the hell with the planet. The planet will be fine. It will do away with us, clean us off like it’s done throughout history to every other set of creatures that inhabited it. Save the ‘People’ is what has to be done. We’ve got the problem and are the problem, not the Earth”.

It is amazing when you think about it. People fight for money and power so they can be in control. I have found that when people are content, not that they don’t strive for their goals, but they are not the ones looking for power to control others. There are groups of powerful people in the world, evidently not a happy content bunch, that ‘need’ to be in control. Once they have wrested control of their particular country’s government, it’s onto other countries and their governments. They leave almost nothing but destruction, on every level, in their path.

The problem is that they are the cause of so many, if not almost all of the problems on our planet.

No other creatures have ever caused such planet wide destruction, to either the planet itself or its inhabitants, from humankind to all the others creatures we share this spinning ball of mud with.

Think about it. What groups of people have made it okay to pollute our air, our oceans (the Pacific is almost dead – that’s amazing – the fish in it carry cancers and radiation). Why is it okay to sell conglomerations of chemicals, as food? Why is it okay to spray our crops with poisons (that enter our bodies, the ground and the air) when they can be grown otherwise? Why is it okay to keep creating weapons that cause nothing but destruction to the planet and its inhabitants?

I think a possible answer is, that the planet is an insane asylum and it’s the insane who are the ones in charge when they are the ones who should be behind bars.

Whatever the answer or solution may be, there is no doubt that we are not being invaded by aliens causing our problems. We are doing all the destruction to ourselves and the way it’s going, unless there is a change of direction, it’s not going to end pretty.

Do the insanely rich, powerful people and groups really think they are “Building a stairway to Heaven” (‘Led Zeppelin’)? Do they really think they or their children and grandchildren will not be affected by the results of the damage they are causing to the planet?

I saw a picture cartoon once, that went something like this: There was a loud, holy voice shouting down from the heavens to the earth. “Attention all people of Earth, this is God speaking. Your lease has expired and you are to vacate immediately.”

For me, it was good ole Mother Nature saying you have screwed my planet up enough. You are all out of here – Bingo! – earthquakes, tsunamis, melting ice caps and floods, dead oceans, poison radioactive air (from leaking nuclear plants)– AMEN!

A few thousand years will go. Life will slowly start to return to the oceans, the air and the land. Once again it will all begin anew – That is until man bursts onto the scene once again and the cycle starts all over again.

The funny thing about it all is that none of it, in the big picture, really means shit. We are less than a dot of a dot of a dot in this infinite universe. Man unfortunately doesn’t get it and instead of trying to create a Heaven on Earth, creates a lot of suffering for itself.
What a strange creature Mankind is.

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