It’s scary lately, how much this term keeps showing up in the media.

What exactly is a ‘Whistleblower’? noun: whistleblower
“a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.”

Did you know there is an actual ‘Whistleblower’s Protection Act’ and many law firms that specialize in protecting whistleblowers? There is also a ‘Whistleblower Protection Program’. In other words, there is so much fraud and deception taking place, with so many people no longer comfortable living with what they know is going on in their working world, that they are coming forward and speaking up. These people, because they are speaking up, which is the right thing to do, are called ‘Whistleblowers’. I say the right thing to do, because as per the definition, a ‘whistleblower is: “a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.”

In spite of being the right thing to be do and what is an absolute necessity to keep our government and corporations in line from out and out lying, cheating, stealing, (wrap it up in one word – Dishonesty), whistleblowers appear to be the ones punished, discredited, and frowned upon. Their reputations ruined, careers destroyed, lives devastated on numerous levels and they wind up being the outcasts of society.

An old industry whistleblower (although the term wasn’t used much back then), was
Merrell Williams Jr. This is an absolute must to read:

The following is an excerpt from an article by Linda Lewis, Dec. 4, 2013:
“Williams received the Joe Callaway Award for Civic Courage (1997) and the Gleitsman Foundation’s Citizen Activist Award (1998) for his contributions as a whistleblower. In addition, a resolution introduced in Congress sought to honor Williams with a congressional medal. Daniel Ellsberg wrote him a letter praising him as a hero.”

Approximately three years ago, it was a young man by the name of Eric Snowden that burst into the scene by being the ‘Whistleblower’, exposing many of our government’s activities against all of us. Since then ‘Whistleblowers’ have been coming out of the woodwork, speaking out about many different industries.

One of the biggest areas of whistle blowing is in the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry, inclusive in which, is ‘our’ CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Banking is another next up industry, and hopefully the whistleblower will talk about the elected officials involved.

It’s amazing how degenerated our media, press and TV have become.

Williams, whom I mention above, received a congressional medal and praised as a hero. Today, our media has taken a 100% turn-around. Controlled by big corporate interests, they do everything to aid in the cover-up of dishonesty and punish those who come forward.

There is a bottom line to it all. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING MAIN STREAM MEDIA TELLS YOU. Do not trust them – they are not your friends reporting ’News’,
They do everything they can to deceive everyone for the sake of corporate profits.

Do your own research that doesn’t involve main stream media of any kind. Non-mainstream news’s reporting is so much less influenced by big corporate America. You owe it to yourself, your children, and our country to seek truthful facts and not distortions.

It’s MY LIFE and MY COUNTRY & I want it, is the name of the game.
‘It’s My Money & I Want It!’ is the name of my book.

Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations

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