So before we get to the meat and potatoes of this week’s blog, let’s hit in general what I am alluding to in the title.

Question: What have I really done (or not done) to deserve my fate or situation? One might say, “I haven’t done anything, for this to have happened to me”. Which is exactly the point – “I haven’t done anything”. Remember, no action is an action. Some might call what happens to them, ‘Karma’, others say what goes around comes around, still others might say, ‘you get back whatever you put out. I like to think of my life experiences and situations as though I’m on a handball court. The exact, velocity, angle and attitude (hard/ soft) with which I hit the ball against the wall, is exactly how it’s going to bounce back. The same goes for a swimming pool – push that water around and at some point it hits the side of the pool and comes back to you in exactly the same way. Another one, is – we get what we deserve.

The table is set! What is being served as the meal now?

The meal is the country you, your children and your grandchildren are going to be spending their lives living in.

Really think hard about this:

1) We have elected leaders that are more interested in their corporate lobbyist friends,
than you or I, the people they were put into office to protect. They all SAY and
PROMISE lots of things that sound so good, but all we have to do is look at their
past voting records and lo and behold, the truth is known. So obviously they are
incredible liars, but know so well you will believe whatever they say.

2) We have a company called ‘Monsanto’. Their products are being banned in many,
many countries in Europe and elsewhere because of their cancer causing properties.
Yet in this country, they are not only NOT being banned, but they want laws passed
that stop us from being informed (on the food labels), that the food contains these

3) We wanted a gun law, that 90% of the population wanted to have passed, that required
To have checks before a person can acquire a gun. This was totally ignored because
This was not what the NRA wanted and they made sure YOUR elected official saw
it their way – thus no gun checks.

4) We have the banks and Wall Street firms that nearly took this country down. The
CEO’s of these firms needed to be charged with crimes for all the laws they broke.
What happened? – They got a trillion dollar bailout, bonuses and back to business as
usual. Our elected official and those running for office promise you they will fix all
this, as they continue taking campaign funding from them.

5) The wealthy have something like 13 trillion dollars offshore and don’t pay taxes. Once
again our elected official and those running for office promise you they will fix all
this, as they continue taking campaign funding from them.

6) A simple thing like the banning of the showing of a movie (Vaxxed) and your freedom
of speech has literally been taken away from you, right in front of your eyes. Welcome to
Nazi Germany where the books were burned.

7) Voting is rigged and manipulated for the desired results of the rich and powerful.

8) Laws are made so the wealthy and rich pay no taxes, while the working class supports
the costs of running the country.

I can go on and on, but you can probably list it better than me.

The bottom line – If you don’t do something NOW to change it, guess what? You don’t have to bother, as you move through your life, wondering –

You, your children and grandchildren are going to get the results of exactly what you did, or didn’t do, to change what is going on in this country right now.

It’s MY LIFE and MY COUNTRY & I want it, is the name
of the game

                                     ‘It’s My Money & I Want It!’ is the name of my book.                                          

 Learn   to stand up for yourself and not be
 intimidated by the corporations

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business &
Personal Consultant, Debt Settling “It’s My Money & I Want It!”
(More next week)