Think about how the people who decide to run for an office, called the Presidency, talk to us. They tell us how awful the other candidates are. They even go so far as to pick verbal fights with another. What a bunch of kindergarten children they are – name calling.

I  think this is their way to avoid telling us what they are actually going to do for you and I, the people (not the corporations, that our wonderful Supreme Court Justices, said are people – what a crew they are). It’s such an easy way to try and make themselves look good – just tear down everyone else. Any candidate that needs to do that is immediately off my list and I don’t care what side of the aisle they sit on. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO FOR MEEEE and MY FAMILY!!!!!

In essence, the candidates treat you and I like children. They bank upon our tendency to believe anything they say. It’s obvious they feel that the average person is gullible and think they can sucker us into taking sides against the other candidates – and guess what – unfortunately, most of the time they are right. That is exactly why our country is where it is today.

In education, according to the site, ‘Ranking America’, we are number 14.  This is almost laughable. When you think about the ‘Polish Jokes’ (not a very nice thing), and how dumb they are made out to be, you better stifle up, because Poland ranks ten (10) in education and we smart asses, rank fourteen. Healthcare – forget about it. Oh, I’m sorry; we do have a ranking that is way, way up there. We actually rank number two (2) – It’s in ignorance. Wait – I almost forgot where we do rank number one (1) – in the number of people we have imprisoned. But of course we would – our prisons have been ‘Privatized’ – Another way for corporations to make money. So we pay taxes for the law makers to create situations where they can jail us and the corporations can make more money on us – an interesting form of slavery.

Find out where this country ranks in numerous areas in the world. ‘Google’, ‘Ranking   America’. Not very high on the totem pole, are we? I don’t think it was you or I that put us there. Obviously it was the people we put into office that have done that to us. They made the rules, the laws, the budgeting of where our hard earned tax money goes, and all the decisions that created a land of ignorant citizenry. They evidently like it that way – How else can they lead you around like sheep?

You need to think about this: Is there a candidate, on either side of the aisle who is really talking the kind of talk we need to hear? Search each one out,regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on. Don’t get stuck on the ‘Aisle’. Find the right candidate and get behind them. I don’t know about you people, but me for one, I want to hear about every issue that affects me and my family’s life.

If you attend a rally, don’t cheer if the speaker starts tearing down others, boo them and instead start chanting ‘What are you going to do for us”. Force them to talk the talk – Do not let them get away with anything less than the issues that YOU want to hear about, not what THEY want to talk about. You will quickly find out who is running for office to truly benefit you and your family, or is just another friend of the corporate lobbyists.

It’s MY Country and ‘It’s MY Money & I Want It!’
is the name of the game. Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations and their political puppets.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
(more next week)