Harris Glasser, “It’s My Money & I Want It!”

Good News Plant’s Summary:

A few words on the book: It’s about teaching and showing people (and businesses) how to ease their financial struggles – their endless efforts to make ends meet or get those few extras out of life, that their income doesn’t seem to allow for, or ever will. However, it is possible to have more without earning more.

People are in need of this kind of guidance – from everyday spending to huge hospital bills.

On ‘Pimm Fox (Taking Stock/Bloomberg Radio)’……I was referred to as the man who teaches us how to squeeze more juice out of our orange.

1) “It’s My Money & I Want It!” An interesting name. How did you arrive at that name?

2) What is your book about & why is it different from all the others out there?

3) A little history about yourself

4) Being continuously successful, what were some of the things you learned that were a basis for your success

5) For people who are in business and are struggling through the ups & downs of business, what is your advice?

6) You have a reputation for helping people with their financial problems, at home & in their businesses. Do you do one on one if you were contacted?

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