Tough Talk Radio Summary:

Legal Eagle and the Caoch Radio with David Altenbern and Bryan Kiser with their guest Harris Glasser & Arman Sadeghi:

Harris Glasser – By the age of 28 I had built a successful construction business. I then decided to leave business and spend time with my family working together in simpler things. I shortly started an indoor farming business, which became successful. I sold it and replicated it in Florida. I eventually sold that one too, and moved back to NYC. I later started a daily car rental agency in New York. Drawing upon my business experiences I quickly grew the company from four vehicles to 78. After a successful run of seven years I then sold it. After a lifetime of showing others how to easily deal with their various financial situations, in both business and personal matters, I wrote the book, “It’s My Money & I Want It! self-published, by “Serving The People Press”.

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