Mission: Authors Talk About It Revealing The Secrets Behind Their Books

Misson’s Summary:

You want more money.  So, you think you have to work harder, get a better job, sell your stuff, budget yourself sick and so on.  Harris Glasser says, “No, no, no!”  He wants you to know how to do more, live more and do better with the same income as others.

But, how??  Is it really possible?  You betcha.

Most people have a lack of awareness of just how much money they really spend. They think their spending behavior is normal.  Of course, commercialism sucks the majority of people into what is known as consumer excess.  You have way more than you need.  On the other hand, Harris doesn’t suggest you live like a monk either.

He shares a tip towards the end of the show that came from his father when Harris was just a young man.  It is powerful!! This is an awesome episode, and one you really deserve to listen to…your money deserves it too.

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Harris Glasser is a lighthearted, successful businessman with 46 years of personal experience handling various financial situations for both himself and others – and getting the desired results.  Easy, and at times really fun, his approaches weren’t learned in school but were mastered through practiced efforts with real-life experiences.  Learn more at www.HarrisHelps.org.