Source of Wealth – The Puzzle Piece of Financial Health w/Harris Glasser

Greenmoney62 Summary: 

THIS WEEK OUR GUEST IS Mr. HARRIS GLASSER, author of It’s My Money I Want it!!! Mr. Glasser is a successful businessman with over 40 years of personal experience handling financial situations for himself and others. Mr. Glasser have successfully started and ran businesses in many different venues. He is the owner and founder of the publishing company, “Serving The People Press, LLC.

When he was only 28 he successfully ran a construction business, he also stared an indoor farming business and distributed Alfalfa Sprouts in New York, he sold that business  six months later and moved to Florida where replicated it there. I eventually sold it and moved back to NYC.

Mr. Glasser studied acting for six years; opened a “Car Rental Agency and  quickly grew the company from four vehicles to a 78 car/van fleet of new vehicles. Then after a successful run of seven years we sold it and currently Mr. Glasser and his family has a wholesale college textbook business and a small const. business.

Mr. Glasser shares how we can –

Stop Collection Companies

Deal with medical bills, if you don’t have insurance

How you can improve your financial quality of life, without a raise in pay ….

Listen to the podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/greenmoney62/2014/10/31/source-of-wealth–the-puzzle-piece-of-financial-health-wharris-glasser