I read this story many years ago. It touched me so much, in such a deep way, that it literally ingrained itself into my life. The story;

An elderly woman was living in a ‘Home Care’ Senior Citizen Residence.
She had absolutely no memory of who she was or anything about the life
she had lived, nor the people who had ever been in her life, including her very own family members. Her mind was completely gone about her past.

Everyday, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year (for many years), a man would come to visit her.

He would sit and hangout with her for hours on end (making small talk) – through the day, into the early evening. Then he would leave and return once again the next day.

One evening, when he was leaving, one of the Doctors in the ‘Home’, said to him: You come here everyday. You never miss a day. You sit and talk with her about nothing special while all the time, your very own days are passing by you. I don’t think you really understand. No matter how much and how long you sit and talk with her, it is not going to change anything. You’re wasting your time – She doesn’t know you!

The man silently nodded his head in agreement, and replied simply:

It’s true Doc, she doesn’t know me, but, you see, I know her!

He walked away with his usual content smile, of having spent another day with his best friend.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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