Success has so many different forms. What form or definition of success do you want?

Lets start by listing some of the different forms success can take, and you can choose where you fit in.

1) Some consider success to be making a huge amounts of money.
2) Others, in building a huge corporate empire of some kind.
3) Some, in rising to power, as in politics
4) For artists, it is in mastering their craft – painting, designing, acting, singing, dancing,
a musical instrument, a martial artist rising to the rank of Black Belt, an author writing a
best seller, and on and on
5) Parents may want to see their children become successful (sometimes in an area what ‘they’
want them for them. This is a touchy place for me, because it’s the parent laying their trip
onto their child)

The bottom line to all of the above, is the fact that in whatever area of success a person is working, they are doing it because they think it will make them happy.

I once heard a very wise person say that the person who builds a Church and the person who burns it down, are both doing it because they think it will make them happy.

This being the case, it appears, that as human beings, we perform our actions because we are trying to be happy. We pursue success in all different forms because we think if we attain our goal, we will become happy.

The following are some definitions of ‘Success’:

1) the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

2) favorable or desired outcome;

3) a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity

Lets take a quick look at each of the five different forms I listed above.

1) Making huge amounts of money:
a) If you did it by hitting the lottery, we are all too familiar with the way these people’s
lives turned out afterwards – not too good.

b) If you became successful by working, unless you were very fortunate, you probably, for many
years, put in a lot of hard work, time and effort . Interesting, because you paid for your
success with ‘Time. One of the few ‘commodities’ that you cannot purchase more of,
regardless of how much money you have amassed. Whoooops! It seems like life passed you
right by. Does that make you happy?

2) Building a huge empire:
a) Do you run and own ‘it’ or does it run and own you? After awhile, ‘it’s’dictating to you
your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, your very life. Is that really success?

b) Do you walk around your office with your chest out so everyone knows who you are?

c) When you try to fall asleep at night, do you hug your corporate stock certificates?

d) One day when you pass from this existence, they will hang your picture on the wall. Those
who worked with you will remember you for awhile (maybe in a good way and maybe not?).
Those that never knew you, couldn’t really care about that picture of you hanging on the
wall. You know – you’ve seen these kinds of pictures hanging on walls before – who cares?

I never heard of anyone on their deathbed say: Gee I wished I spent more time in the office.

3) Rising to power:
a) It seems like after one has made a lot of money, the next stop is power. If you were
successful at either #1 or #2 above, you should be soooo happy. Why the reason to move
onto power? To spread your joy, bliss and happiness to others? I really don’t think so.

b) The need to control others – of course that should do it for me. I could also use my
position to make me more money. By any chance, does that sound like any of our political
leaders – using their positions of power to enrich themselves?

c) Power – yuk – it’s a good chance you are not going to be liked by many people.

4) Artists: These people are truly nourishing and filling themselves.
a) Alas though, when they are not engaged in their art, they too are subject to experiencing
the condition of their minds, emotions and hearts.

b) Too often there is jealousy of those that have risen to the heights they feel they should

5) Parents and children:
a) What if the child doesn’t follow the path the parent wants?

b) What if they do and it wasn’t what the child really wanted in their life?

c) What if they marry and it doesn’t work out? (divorce is over 50% today)

Pursuing success in anything is fine. The problem comes in thinking if you attain your particular form of success, you will then be happy.

I’ll finish this blog with a quote from John Lennon I always loved:

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

It’s MY LIFE and MY COUNTRY & I want it, is the name of the game,
‘It’s My Money & I Want It!’ is the name of my book
Learn to stand up for yourself and not be intimidated by the corporations
and their political puppets.

      Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant, Debt Settling
www.HarrisHelps.org “It’s My Money & I Want It!”

(More next week)