ARTISTS! What would the experience of a world without artists really be like?

Now you may say things to yourself, like, I don’t go to;
(1) Museums
(2) The Opera
(3) Art Galleries
(4) I don’t read Intellectual books
(5) I don’t read poetry, Shakespeare
(6) Symphonies – Are you kidding?
(7) Broadway shows, off-Broadway shows, playhouses
and on and on

Stop and think about this though;

There is not a single part of your day, or a child’s day, that is not filled with the work of artists.

Listen to music of any kind? Well, someone, wrote the words, wrote the music, is playing each and every instrument (and there are numerous instruments involved in most forms of music), and then there is the singer(s).

Every person involved in the above, has dedicated their time, energy and life to being an artist, in their chosen field. They gave up their pursuit of money in this world of greed, for a love – for a deeper place within themselves. And who has benefited from their sacrifices – you and I. Whatever our form of music is, it doesn’t matter, our daily lives are enriched by it.

Do you watch TV or go to the movies? Sure we see the handful of those that make money in the entertainment industry, but there are thousands and thousands that do not. All of them, from the biggest name to the person going on the smallest auditions, struggle with their art, their craft, to keep perfecting it. They work tirelessly, rejection following rejection, struggling with the love of their work. They too, gave up the pursuit of a ‘job’ or steady income for this love. And once again, who benefits from their sacrifices? – You and I.

Artists – creating everything from portraits to advertisements, to commercials, to product designs. Our eyes and ears take these things in all day long. The artists (not the corporate people paying them) have to struggle to find within them, the human place that touches all of us. I never got the impression they are overpaid or get rich from their work. They too, like all artists and creative people, are following an inner love – not driven by money.

Writers – be it children’s books, romance novels, non-fiction, sci-fi, movie/TV scripts, magazine articles, journalists, textbook authors, etc, it’s not an easy task to earn a living from writing.
Can you imagine if people didn’t write because they couldn’t earn enough money to support themselves and their family with? Every part of your day, to some extent, is affected by the fact that you read something. Can you imagine if writers, because they can’t earn a living, suddenly stopped writing?

Designers (artists) of all kinds. You will find them in the car manufacturing business, architectural firms, the clothing industry, they are everywhere. Do you really think they are paid huge sums of money? – I don’t. I think they are doing it because that’s what they love doing.

The point of all this being, without the artists, the world would consist of only the Bankers, Wall Street people, Drug companies, corporate greedy people and of course, Lobbyists. Now how in the world could we ever get along without the Lobbyists? Who would be there to take care of, enrich and pamper our elected leaders?

Our world and our lives would consist of just going to work, to earn money, to turn it over to the wealthy.

We owe the very quality of our lives to each and every artist. They should be looked up to with gratitude and thanks – but no, instead, we look up to the wealthy and powerful, like they are the heroes. We and our children strive to be like them – the mistake of a lost life.

Parents – encourage your children to pursue their love, because without doing that, a job is just a job. They’ll go through life always wondering – “I wonder what could of been?” – and to die, never having tried, is a very sorry-full life.

I don’t know if the following was really Steve Job’s last words, but I don’t think that matters. What does matter is the message.


It’s MY LIFE and MY COUNTRY & I want it, is the name
of the game.

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(More next week)