I once read a book that spoke about how as we earn more and more money, horizon after horizon of things to purchase, opens up to us. These horizons are endless and we keep getting sucked into them more and more. As our wealth grows, we gather more and more of the toys available to us within these new horizons. It’s all fun and games in the beginning, buying whatever the heart desires, until eventually, it’s no longer fun, like kids in a candy store who eat and eat until they get sick.

There is no doubt, that it’s not fun to be in a financial situation whereas paying the rent and buying food, is a constant concern. When it comes to money though, is it really an all or nothing thing? Do we sleep well when we are wealthy but not as good if we aren’t?

If we don’t have money to pay the bills (assuming we haven’t overspent our incomes), we may not sleep well, but when we have abundance, we’re always concerned about it. We need to protect it, invest it, watch over it, and guard it so we don’t lose it – in fact when we have an abundance of money, our life and sleep can actually be consumed by it. The mere thought of losing it, living life without the toys and things we purchased, gets scary – to fall from this place becomes a scary thought. Thus we need to keep gathering more and more and more – then hoarding it, so we are ‘safe’.

We don’t need to look any further than the perfect examples set by those who hit it really big in lotteries. Their lives wind up in ruins.

Those with millions want tens of millions, while those with tens of millions want billions and before you know it, they’re obsessed and consumed. Their very existence is structured around taking care of their hordes of money. God forbid some of their investments start to go down, and they do watch it on a daily basis, how well do you think these people really sleep? They’ve got to come up with schemes, like off shore accounts and other ways to pay less taxes – YES – that’s the answer – hide the money and pay less taxes – then I’ll sleep better.

The other night on TV, they were discussing a problem that is going on in this country, called ‘sleep deprivation’. The guest was somewhat an expert in this area (coming from firsthand experience). The very first name that came up was Donald Trump. The expert said there was no doubt, judging from his habits, so well publicized, to his physical appearance, that he suffered from sleep deprivation. Can you imagine that? A person worth billions, and you and I sleep better than him.

I always said that I feel bad for the rich people and not so much for those who are not. The reason is that many of those who are not rich have something to strive towards – thinking if they were rich, how nice it would be. The rich though, have nothing to strive for. They are already rich, and having acquired all the toys of the rich. They really don’t have much left to do, except to guard (and be concerned about) their money and then onto, maybe power and politics. Now that’s a peaceful, restful place to be involved with – politics to wheel and deal with USA Incorporated to make more money.

It’s interesting how often we hear of a rich (and usually famous person) that committed suicide. I’ll never forget a conversation a nephew of mine shared with me.

He was living down South and talking to an elderly black man. The man was telling him, how suicide was a white man’s sickness. He said the reason, was because black people’s lives, as a rule, were filled with much more financial hardship and struggle, compared to white people. Black people learned how to live, cope and be happy within their situation, as they struggled to improve their lives. White people, especially the rich and famous, as soon as the going gets a little rough, are ready to pack in their lives. I thought to myself, wow, what an interesting observation.


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