Last week we spoke about “moving through it and coming out on the other side of that ‘Fear’ bubble……….something will take place inside of you………something you will be very pleased about”.

So let’s continue and follow that thru. What exactly does take place inside of you? The very first thing is physically and the first obvious thing is a sigh of relief. You have moved through the situation. Your shoulders go down and are more relaxed. The knot in the stomach suddenly starts to untie and you can breathe easier. The jaw relaxes and then, very subtly and easefully, all on its own, a smile starts to move into and across your face.

Now it starts to get interesting. You look back (mentally and emotionally).You see that you actually went ahead and did whatever it was you were dreading. You’re still alive – you survived! WOW! HUH! I never thought I could ever get up the nerve to have done that, but I really did.

You will be feeling better about yourself after having done the deed. You will be in a better mood, in a better state of mind. Why? – Simply because you will be feeling ‘Bigger’, ‘Better’, more ‘Confident’ and ‘Stronger’. When you start to feel all these improved things in yourself, you become more generous with your heart, your patience, your compassion. You are ‘Higher’ on yourself. You’re pleased with yourself and feeling happy. As a result, your living environment will improve because it is going to affect those around you. This in turn starts to affect back to you. It is a very nice cycle.

And now, all of a sudden, a speed bump – This is not a onetime CURE ALL, one time shot. Life has its way of continually giving us more ‘Gym Equipment’ to exercise all our inner muscles on (see my Blog of Jan 18th “Gym Equip………..”). This will go on until all the muscles are so strong, that its equivalent to you lifting a pencil – totally effortless.

This next go around though will be a little different for you. The ‘I Can’t/I Don’t’ Want To” feeling (see my Blog of Jan 3rd, ‘I Can’t/I Don’t’ Want To’) will no doubt come up again. The difference this time is your past experience to call upon. Although you’re upset and not happy with having to deal with, once again, ‘another person, place, thing or circumstance’, you’ve been there, done that and educated in how to approach the matter. Once again, you will be breathing more consciously (slower and more deeply), listening more attentively, choosing your words carefully before they come rolling off your tongue and watching, all being very focused while you are slowly taking one step at a time.

Once again you will suddenly ‘Pop’ and without realizing it, because you have been so focused, you will be on the other side of a ‘Fear’ bubble. Life is nice once again for you.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant
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(more next week)