Fully for many years, they have been doing it right………..NOT SO!

People think that just because they have been doing something successfully for many years that they have been doing it right. Not so!

On a construction project, I was walking with an engineer that saw the lead carpenter installing a metal door frame. The young engineer said to the elderly carpenter, “Joe, you’re installing that frame wrong” (Not that it would fall down, but it wasn’t as per the specifications). The elderly carpenter said to the young engineer, “John, what are you telling me? I’ve been doing it like this for forty years”. To which the young engineer replied: “Well, Joe, then for forty years you have been doing it wrong!”.

As a result of that experience, although I was a successful contractor, when my young sons came into business with me, I paid attention to everything they gave thier ideas and thoughts about. As a result, projects I never would have pursued, based upon my decade of experience, they saw with fresh, young eyes. This brought us in millions of dollars in contracts we never would have bid upon and gotten.

DON”T STAY STUCK WITH OLD CONCEPTS just because they worked for you. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, you would have worked easier and made more.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant
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