Two weeks ago we touched upon happiness tied into health. This week we’ll do another ingredient – ‘ATTITUDE’ – and is that ever a big subject.

The truth is, there is a limited amount of things that we have control over. You heard it before, but the Truth doesn’t change. It’s our attitude and only our attitude that we alone have control over.

There are so many helpful teachings I have read on this throughout my life. The one I favor the most is the one that really put it to me. It went; if you can’t change the situation (assuming it’s one you are not pleased with), you have to change your attitude. If you don’t, then you are going to suffer.

That really hit me hard, because it’s one thing not to be happy, but it’s an entirely different matter to suffer. That is not a place I want to be living my days from.

The interesting thing about a good or bad attitude is that it really is in our control. It’s like a switch we can choose to throw on or off. True, for some there could be a medical reason or a deep personal loss. I’m not talking about a loss of money. Right off the bat, assuming we are not living on the streets without food, if it’s the loss of money you’ve had, how you deal with it, will be found in your attitude.

It’s funny, but like last week when we said to be healthy, we need self-control in what we feed our bodies, the same goes true for our attitude. We need self-control in what we feed our minds.

Worry – don’t we all know that one well? No one is exempt – rich or poor – short or tall – young or old – male or female – the powerful or the weak. Worry has everyone in its clutches.

I was in my early twenties running a fair sized government construction business. I had lots of projects, crews of union construction workers, schedules to meet, sub-contractors to deal with, deliveries to arrange, and deadlines, etc. The list seemed endless and everyday it seemed the hurried I went the behinder I got. One day my dad looked and me and said, “Harris. You see all these situations you have going on, with all the problems needing to be dealt with and all the decisions to make? I said “Yes. Of course I do. I’m living them every day”. He said “I can guarantee you, that a year from now, every one of these things will be gone. Out of your life and a whole new set of other things will come in and take their place. So relax. There will always be plenty things that you can worry about and keep you busy. Just learn to enjoy yourself each day and be happy”.

My silly, silly dad. Young Harris was a very busy young businessman. He had lots of projects, crews of union construction workers, schedules to meet, sub-contractors to deal with, deliveries to arrange, deadlines, etc. He couldn’t do all those things and also squeeze in, “Enjoy and be happy”. What in the world was wrong with him? He would just stand there looking at me, seeing my impatience to stand there and listen to this stuff. He would go “Tsk, Tsk” and say, “I’m not telling you these things because I think I’m smarter than, you. Maybe you have a bigger IQ than me (Not true. He was extremely smart), but I’ve lived longer and have been thru all of it. I’m just telling you what’s in ront of you”. He stopped. Looked at me and said, “I guess you’re just going to have to go thru it all, to understand what I’m saying to you”.

Problems? – Worries? – Situations to deal with? I cannot imagine the amount of stress they put on my health, relationships and my everyday experience of my life. The crazy thing is how he really hit the nail on the head. Poof! Just like that the days turn into weeks, into months, into years and your life has moved on. I cannot remember even a fraction of anyone of those things that I carried around in my head.

How much happiness, laughter and fun eluded me. Sure I had enjoyment, but oh how I could have had so much more, on a daily basis. The key? – Controlling our attitude, our thoughts. There is a saying in the Bible: “this too shall come to pass”. Nothing ever stays one way. Everything always changes. It’s all temporary. Work on changing your attitude and thoughts and without realizing it, your life will start to change. For no apparent reason, you will just start to be happy. How much and how many things throughout your life have you spent your time on, worrying about or had a poor attitude about. I’ll bet you can remember just about as many of them as I can…almost zilch! Except for the loss of a loved one….zilch!

A great teacher of mine once said: “The most important thing you can do, is to guard your state of mind”. Truly our attitude and thoughts create our heaven or Hell for us, each and every day.

Think about, what exactly are you creating for yourself, right now?

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant
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(more next week)