In the beginning of the year I did several blogs on ‘Happiness. I also sprinkled some Blogs throughout the year on this same subject. It is definitely a subject worthy of our constant revisiting and delving into. If we’re not a happy person, then nothing we have or can get is worth doing. If we are a happy person though, then almost regardless of what comes our way, we can keep ourselves above water. Our hearts and minds don’t wallow in a muddy, gray state. So ‘Happiness’ is the King of treasures. The question then, is: What is the key to unlocking that treasure chest?

I grew up with wonderful parents, but not really knowing the ills of smoking, they smoked and so I followed their model. The tobacco companies did such a wonderful job of hiding those ills. It doesn’t seem very different from what many of our corporations today are doing (I honestly believe from everything I read – (see last week’s blog) that Monsanto GMO’s and the vaccination drug manufacturers are just a continuation of doing business as usual). I was in my twenties when I said to myself that I wanted to be in control of my life. I wanted to be happy. Yet here I was smoking a cigarette. I looked at it and said to it; “You cannot talk, give me an argument or twist my arm, yet here I am, in your control”. WOW! How could I possibly think that I could be in control of my life, be happy, when this mindless, lifeless object could control me? Am I that easily controlled (no less by corporate products)? The answer was yes and I would have to fight back. So what did I do? I deliberately carried around a pack of cigarettes in my shirt pocket. Whenever I would feel the urge, I would naturally take out a smoke, look at it and say; “You cannot talk, give me an argument or twist my arm, yet here I am, in your control”. Then I would put it back into my shirt pocket. Needless to say, I did stop smoking. The feeling of control, power and self-confidence that I experienced, I carry with me to this day. It’s an attitude that cannot be purchased with money – Self-control!

To be happy, we need to have a certain amount of control over ourselves and our habits. If we don’t cultivate these things for ourselves, who do you think is going to do it for us? Until we grow up, it’s our parents looking out for us (but then, maybe they themselves never developed good habits or self-control. Uh oh – now we have a problem, because of the improper models that were provided to us as we were growing up). Then as adults we’re out on our own. It is so easy to carry the wrong habits with us into adulthood.

My dad, used to tell me that there were only two really important things in life; Health and Happiness. I’ve met rich people that were happy and healthy, and many that were not. I’ve also met poor people who were on both sides of this aisle. So where and in what does the answer lie?

Health is at the head of the list when it comes to being happy. It’s hard to be happy with even just a headache bothering us, no less an illness. Health though is something we have a certain amount of control over. There is no doubt if we go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning sick, can we possibly think that’s it’s just a matter of bad luck. In fact, if we feel sick enough, we may go to the doctor. Then as if our ‘luck’ really turned bad, we are told we have a very serious disease – even possibly deadly! WOW – what bad luck. Why me? Or ‘Why God are you doing this to me?’ I find it amazing that when things happen to us that we don’t like, we refuse to take responsibility for it, as our own doing.

Okay – you got it. Life is not fun when you’re sickly and you certainly don’t want any ill health surprises. Watching how and what you eat all the time though, is annoying. Truthfully though, being sickly is more annoying. Going to a Doctor, in many instances, to get healed, to me is kind of weird. The Doctor possibly has more health problems than you and can’t help him/herself. More often than not though, you’re given a pill to treat the ‘SYMPTOMS’ – and ‘POOF’ like magic, you’re better. NO YOU ARE NOT! All the ‘healer’ did was shut off the alarm ringing in your body, but the house was still on fire. This is a big subject for another time though. Listen closely to all the drug TV commercials. You constantly hear something like – “for the relief of symptoms’, then the list of side effects seems longer than the commercial itself, ending sometimes with: So ask your Doctor if xxxxxxx is right for you.

Like it or not, you’re going to have to get past all those bad (corporate) food habits so you can eat healthier and avoid many of those symptom reducing drugs. It’s you saying to you, no. No more! This garbage I am putting into me stops now! – Unless of course you don’t mind taking pills with their side effects, to treat symptoms, with their side effects, for which you will need more pills. This isn’t meant to be funny. It’s your life and your children’s life.

Money doesn’t keep you healthy. Exercising self-control on what you put in your mouth and on the kitchen table for your children to put in their mouths, helps keep you healthy. Having a body without aches, pains, and disease is a big step to making it easier to having a happier experience of your day.

I leave you with a good tip: When shopping, learn to read labels with the listing of ingredients. If you cannot pronounce it, in my opinion, it’s a good shot you shouldn’t be eating it.

Think about why Monsanto GMO’s doesn’t want the labeling of ingredients. Do you get the feeling it’s not for your good? That maybe they’re afraid you may not buy what they are trying to have you shove into you and your children’s bodies. Think about.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant
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(Attitude/Happiness next week)