There is no doubt, eating is enjoyable. It makes no difference as to your chosen diet. Whether it’s fried greasy foods, ‘junk’ foods, ‘healthy’ foods, expensive restaurants, fast foods, frozen foods, etc., it just doesn’t matter to the one consuming it. Regardless of the type of food, be it Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean, American, Spanish, Seafood, Hamburgers, Steaks, and on and on, most people love eating (especially sweets).

So here’s my question. If we love eating so much, how come we don’t immerse ourselves in the actual act of enjoying what we are eating?

A story: I was sitting with a few friends having lunch. One of them was a robust fella. He LOVED eating. He could not shovel into his mouth, fast enough, every loaded forkful of food. Wow how he could move so quickly from plate to mouth. I was watching him eat (this huge salad). After a short time, I touched his arm and said to him, “You really don’t like food, do you?” He laughed and thought I was making a joke – after all, his food eating reputation within his circle of friends was well known. I repeated, “I mean it, you really don’t like food”. He stopped and couldn’t understand what I was talking about.

I explained to him and the others that our friend had absolutely no idea of what he was eating. In his salad were numerous different textures, flavors of all kinds, large, small and minced items, tangy and bitter items, etc. He looked and me and was clueless.

I said it wasn’t food that you loved, but the sensation of filling yourself up – Pushing it in as fast as you can to fill your belly, not even taking time to chew, let alone tasting and experiencing it.

In so many ways, that is the story with almost every person when they sit down to eat. It becomes a social event or family time. As human beings, we cannot talk away in conversation and simultaneously enjoy the flavors of the foods in our mouth. It’s one or the other. A social event or family time should be just as they are intended to be – Taking the time to be with each other. Eating is simple – you sit and eat and spend the time with your food. You introduce your flavor buds to what you have put into your mouth. You would be amazed, if you shut yourself down to everything and gave your full attention to what you just put in to your mouth. Eating all of a sudden becomes a very sensuous experience. So simple – it’s just an experience between you and the flavors, the aromas, the actual taking apart and releasing of everything that every morsel has to offer up to you. I assure you, a wonderful, mouthwatering experience that will last beyond the first bite where you say, ‘Wow, this is good’ and it ends there. You can make it last through your entire meal. There is time for chatter afterwards.

Whether it’s fast food or expensive restaurant food, candy or drink, it is being prepared in a way to give you an enjoyable experience of it.

We do so many things and are willing to spend money to have some enjoyment in our lives. Listen up – this one is a freebie – taking the time to enjoy every flavor we put in our mouths. You paid to acquire the food, why in the world are you not taking the time to enjoy it? – Or are you just like my friend, who doesn’t enjoy food, just the sensation of stuffing it in, filling the belly?

It’s a choice to make. Stop and think about it the next time you sit down at home or better yet, a restaurant that you’re shelling out bucks on the spot for the food.

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