I Can’t/I Don’t Want To

It truly amazes me. There seems to be two groups of people.

Those who have followed what I or others have written, consulted, or listened to a lecture or radio interview I and/or others have given, and as a result, have been helped . Then there is a whole other group of people who also heard what the others have, and received no help – nothing changed for them!

Why? What exactly is the difference seperating these two groups – the ones with the changed situations and the ones still stuck in theirs?

I CAN’T! Those are the two biggest word stoppers in our lives. I am not talking about jumping out of an airplane, climbing a mountain or breaking World records in any area. I am simply talking about doing things we are totally in control of, even though we think/believe we are not.

Maybe it’s making that phone call, or questioning someone or something that for our entire lives we have been going along with, or just asking. Now, to suddenly question or ask, is scary, and so we, say “I cant”, or “I could never do that”. I hear that from people all the time.

I have always had the same, identical response to those kinds of remarks. Whenever you find yourself saying “I cant”, simply replace it with “I don’t want to”. Next – stop and say to yourself, “Do I really not want to?”. This will bring you to the truth. Then you can decide if you really can’t or just really don’t want to.

Then you have to say to yourself, what is the very worst thing that can happen if I do go ahead? As long as it’s legal, not hurting anyone, all that can happen is that you get turned down – SO WHAT! At least you tried. You gave it a shot. You will be amazed at the positive outcome you get from so many things that you thought weren’t possible.

The really great thing, is that once you start to do away with the”I can’t” syndrome you’ve been walking around with your whole life, and you replace it with the ‘action’ of ‘I can and will’, life starts to change for you. It then starts snowballing and finding it’s way into all areas of your life. You become a giant of strength, happiness, and joy. You are becoming a person filled with everything Life has to offer. Things and circumstances start to change as if by magic. You start to attract the positive while marching right thru and past all ther stuff you used to get stuck on.

I love the old saying – Don’t get stuck on the small stuff. It’s all small stuff!

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant
www.HarrisHelps.org “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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