When my children were growing up, I would tell them, till they turn the corner, there is nothing there. They put everything there.

If they are hungry, they will smell the pizza, or Chinese food, or the hamburgers and so on. If they are into cars, that is what they will be seeing. Watching them whizzing by and even walking over to the parked ones, thinking, wow, I would love to have one of these. If they were into clothing, they would see how people were dressed – The latest fashions, store windows, sales on items they were interested in. If they were into physical looks, they would see the girls or guys – all sizes and shapes. If they were into reading, they would see the book stores and magazine stores. If music was their thing, they would hear it coming from the cars or the radios, people walked around with (called ‘Beat Boxes’ at the time and were very loud, but popular).

If they were in a bad mood, everything would be upsetting which would cause them to be more upset – this of course would only lead to anger. The end result being an experience of “What a bad day I had”. On the other hand, if they wore a smile and practiced being happy, when they turned that corner, that feeling would be carried right along. The end result of this is “What a nice day I had”.

And so goes life. In many of the Eastern beliefs, it is said that we are the creator. Without taking it to the highest sense of being the ultimate Creator, it is easy to see, as I have written above, that as we walk through our life everyday, we are the Creator of our experience of life. And what else is life, but what our experience is, of it?

One can pose an argument, that some people are lucky and some are hard-lucky. This is only though, in looking at outside circumstances. You look at others possessions and judge their level of happiness. That is so bizarre. I know of wealthy people that have committed suicide. Too often we read that about celebrities committing suicide. So many wealthy people are on edge, always afraid of losing what they have and are always in the struggle to make more. It’s weird, but I never remember reading about a poor person committing suicide. Have you?

Maybe we cannot create material wealth for ourselves, for whatever reason. We may not be able to control that – but, what we can control is how we chose to create our experience of our life – on a day to day basis – at every corner we turn. I’m not saying this is an easy task. What I am saying, is, what choice do we have? Regardless of the circumstances, it comes down to only two things:

1 – How miserable am I going to make myself? …………… or
2 – How happy and content am I going to keep myself?

It can get really interesting, because the levels of each can go very deep. The state of being ‘miserable’ can push us into deep depression. From deep depression, we move right along into medications. Of course these wonderful medications have side affects, like suicide. This is not to mention, the people and the lives around us that we affect.

On the flip side “How happy and content am I going to keep myself”, creates a life for ourselves that becomes a joyful experience. Others want to be around us. We are less affected by hard times (and they do come at us), but we don’t go “Oh woe is me”. No way. There is no reason not to goof around, make fun, laugh and thus be happy.

I’ve noticed a funny thing. When I’m being happy, I attract uplifting experiences into my life. If I’m upset or angry, the world seems to work against me. We’re like magnets, drawing and pulling towards ourselves, that which we are feeling and thus creating. “Likes attract likes” as the saying goes.


You can walk through your life blaming others, or circumstances, situations, bad luck, bad karma, ….Woe, woe, woe is me! You can play the victim your entire life. Just see where that gets you – does it feel good?

Well for me, and I have been up, down, sideways, all around, throughout my life and the bottom line is, I LIKE BEING HAPPY! It’s hard work at times, but well worth the effort – being happy takes practice everyday and the practice itself is the payoff.

Good luck and good practicing, Be happy.

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