So at the young age of 22, I was starting to become successful. I immediately got the car of my dreams. A spanking brand new white Cadillac covertable, with a white convertable top. Red leather interior and all the trimmings to boot – cruise control, climate control, six way power seats, and on and on. (Keep in mind this was back in 1967, and THE car was the Caddy). Oh I was a VERY happy camper alright.

I would drive down “The Avenue” where everyone hung out, with the top down and the Rock-n-Roll music blasting, for all to see Harris in his machine.

Time went by, and as with all fullfilled desires, the ‘High’ affect wears thinner and thinner and finally it’s no more. Then we start the search to fulfill our next desire, in order to get that ‘Hit’.

I was very fortunate though in the realization that came to me. The feeling of joy and happiness that I experienced with the car, wasn’t coming from the car. It wasn’t as if it was giving off some magical rays which I would get intoxicated with, from seeing or touching this big pice of metal – absolutely not!

The feeling I was experiencing, was coming from inside of ME! WOW! All the time I was feeling happy and joyful and constantly smiling, was the result of me touching a place within myself, that was a happy, joyful place.

If that was the case, then in truth, (no pun intended), there would be no need for a vehicle for me to be touching me. The choice would be up to me – I could hang out in a place in me that was Mad, Sad, Glad, Depressed, Happy, Joyful, Angry, Annoyed, Pleased, Upset, Content and on and on.

WOW! My life after that came to be more about the inner struggle to stay in a happier place in me, than the outer struggle to keep trying to fill desires to get a temp place of ‘Happy’

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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