Sorry everyone for last week moving off subject. It felt, however, that it was very important information to pass on. I truly consider that kind of information to be of such a nature, that every person should become aware of it and how their life and their children’s life are being affected by our very own Doctors – Truly a scary matter.

Moving on. Recently someone commented to me about my blogs. They didn’t understand how the subject matters I was writing about, had anything to do with the books I had written – “It’s My Money & I Want It!”

I explained to them simply, what someone who read my book said to me. They said “I read your book from front to back, and you know what it is about?”

I chuckled to myself for two reasons. The first was, although he didn’t’ mean it that way, it could have sounded (to anyone standing there listening), like he was asking ME, if I knew what my own book was about.

The second reason I was inwardly smiling, was the very fact that he had read the entire book, from front to back.

When I was writing it, I never intended it to be read that way. It was intended to act as a kind of reference book. It would cover a HUGE range of money matters. It would be for people thru all walks of life – from business people, to householders, to college students, to those on fixed income, to self- employed to employees, to big income earners to those with debt collectors coming after them.

In this manner, the reader could simply go to the table of contents. From there, choose their desired topic. They would find true life stories, with the successful results that came about as a result of the way I handled each matter. They, themselves could then apply these lessons into their own similar situation/circumstances.

This person, however, had read it from front to back. I responded to his question in kind, by asking him back, “So what is the book about?” He said, “Although you are using money situations, business wise and personal wise as the backset, it is truly not about those things, although in a certain way it is. What it’s about is standing up for yourself and not being intimidated”.

He had lit me up. I looked at him and smiled from ear to ear. He had read between the lines. He got it!!! He truly understood what was really being said in the book. Now, when walking through his daily activities, along with the handling of his money, his life and experiences would now change for the rest of his life.

I walked away feeling, if only this ONE life (which it isn’t), out of everyone who has read the book, had changed, it was worth all my efforts and struggle to have written it.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
(more next week)