A few weeks ago, we spoke about “I Can’t/I Don’t Want Too”.

I said: “Whenever you find yourself saying “I can’t”, simply replace it with “I don’t want to”. Next – stop and say to yourself, “Do I really NOT want to?” This will bring you to the truth. Then you can decide if you really can’t or just really don’t want to.

What is it though, that makes us say “I don’t want too” when the truth is, we really do, because it would be beneficial to us, if we did?

The great stopper ……………………………………FEAR

Fear is a funny thing. Now I am not talking about physical fear. Jumping out of an airplane, climbing a mountain or doing anything that we can incur physical harm from. I’m talking about fear in our everyday lives. Fear to question! Fear to jump in and go ahead with something. Fear to make that phone call. We just go about our business of walking through our life, accepting whatever we are told. This is especially true when it comes from anyone with a title or seems to be an authority – but this is a subject matter onto itself.

Anyway, back to ‘Fear’. Anytime we find ourselves afraid to move ahead with anything, you have to say to yourself- okay – what is the very worst thing that can happen if I do this?

Fear is not a stop sign that says ‘Stop!! Go Back!! Turn around!!

NO! It simply means to proceed more cautiously. Listen more attentively. Watch your words carefully, being more vigilant. See and pay attention more closely, BUT never stop moving forward. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, a slow step at a time. As you do this, what’s going to happen, without realizing it, is that suddenly, POP!, you will have moved right through and past it all (that conversation you didn’t want to have but needed too, that confrontational matter that was on your back burner, that phone call that you were putting off and all the stuff that life throws at us, almost on a daily basis).

Now an interesting thing happens as soon as we stop the ‘I Can’t, replacing with those thoughts/words with the ‘I Don’t Want Too’, realizing that you would really like too, and then making the decision and actually going ahead with taking on ’That Matter’. Then actually doing it, moving through it and coming out on the other side of that ‘Fear’ bubble……….something will take place inside of you………something you will be very please about.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
(more next week)