If these are qualities we cannot get (see my Blogs of 12/13 ‘GETTING HAPPINESS’ and 12/21 ‘SO WE CAN’T GET HAPPINESS – NOW WHAT?’), as I previously said, we have to become them. The question then, is how do we begin to make that happen?

Imagine you join a gym and you tell the trainer you want larger biceps, triceps, lats, chest, etc, etc. The trainer then hands you a pencil and tells you to lift it 10 times and then change hands and do the same with the other hand. You’re told that if you keep this up everyday for a month, you will have all areas of your arms and chest built up and they will be much stronger.

It’s obvious that this is totally silly and could never work. The simple reason, is that in order to build bigger and stronger muscles, you have to lift weight or do any kind of exercise that will strain the muscle(s) you want to grow (bigger & stronger). To strain them, you have to employ weight that is heavier than your muscles are used to lifting. It is in the straining of the muscle(s) that the growing of size and strength takes place.

The same is no different for the inner muscles – be it ‘Happiness’, ‘Love’, ‘Peace’, ‘Contentment’ etc.

So how do we exercise these muscles? Where do we find the equipment to workout with?

It’s a funny thing, but the exercise pieces of equipment are right in front of our noses and we don’t see it. Once you see it though, the exercises will be totally obvious.

Harris Glasser – Author, Lecturer, Business & Personal Consultant “ It’s My Money & I Want It!”
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